“Education Coaching is the answer to several problems present in the student world and educational field.”
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What is Education Coaching?

Education Coaching (Edu Coaching) is a series of one-on-one coaching sessions employing proven methods of providing assistance, guidance and support, to help students change their view and attitude toward the learning process.

During the coaching sessions, we guide pupils/students through progressive steps in order to determine points of competency, from which they find their personal best. We then use these points as a positive foundation of their attitude toward learning.

Using these points, we will lead them toward maximizing their talent and potential, and becoming strong individuals who can deal with challenges, changes or unpredictable situations.

By having a strong character, the students will have enthusiasm towards learning at school and making the best use of their study time, e.g. by not spending too much time doing chit-chat with friends. They will face the world, but they will be well capable of logically analyzing any developing circumstances.

Education Coaching is the answer to several problems present in the student world and field of education. We help students in many areas:

  • How to overcome weaknesses and develop self competencies in the education world.
  • How to use self-competencies to achieve the best results at school.
  • How to study with enthusiasm at school.
  • How to develop their own self-esteem and self-reliance in the world where there has been a growing rate of unemployment.
  • How to cope with problems and conflicts between the students and their parents, so that the conflicts will not influence the students' learning process.
  • …How so many things are fixable through the Education Coaching process.