“…building self-confidence, helping set up personal and professional balance sheet, finding the right job in accordance with educational background, etc.”
choosing the right path for your future

Our Services - How Can We Help?

We provide Education Coaching service to students from secondary (Junior High School) to University level. The following is a list of some areas in which we can help students.

For Secondary Level Students(Junior/Senior High School and equivalent)


  • raising study motivation
  • helping the pupil prepare for final exams.
  • recognizing/identifying talent and developing potential.
  • choosing the right field of study at a university/ a senior high school.
  • providing orientation on a field of study at higher education level.
  • helping the pupil better understand the reality of the world of higher education.
  • providing assistance in choosing and locating the right university locally and overseas.

For Tertiary level Students (University and Vocational schools)


  • Optimization and immersion into higher education world.
  • assistance in locating the right university locally and/or overseas
  • raising potential.
  • enhancing knowledge on work culture.
  • assisting in preparing oneself to enter the job market and future.

For Adults (University Graduates)


  • defining job hunting project.
  • building self-confidence.
  • helping set up personal and professional balance sheet.
  • finding the right job in accordance with educational background.
  • assisting in understanding the reality of work motivation, ethos and work culture.

Other Services: Cross-cultural Coaching

In addition to Coaching specifically aimed for students, ECI now offers Cross-cultural Coaching program intended for foreigners (expatriates or residents) or mix couples. The program's objectives are to address problematic issues in Cross-cultural communication or relationship, and to provide solution to preventing or dealing with miscommunication and misinterpretation of different verbal/non verbal language, customs and various cultural aspect.