“to optimize the student's potential to pursue success, build their capacity to listen and their leadership character.
choosing the right path for your future

Types of Education Coaching

Each individual is unique and each has his/her own personality that adapts to the environment, family and society. The type of coaching methods applied for each individual is designed according to his/her uniqueness.

Dead-end resolution, or problems dealing with a lack of or decrease in motivation to study.

In this situation, the Education Coaching session is intended to pinpoint the obstacles in learning (an existing conflicts between the student and teacher, a student feeling unsettled with the school/university environment, a student with low self-esteem, etc.). This will be a problem solving session.

Strengthening the decision of the field of study (study major).

The session begins by finding out which field of study the student would like to pursue, then it continues with an examination of whether the decision taken corresponds with talents, the demand of the professional world, and in some cases whether it is in line with his/her parents' expectation. In this session, the student will be presented with strategies for tackling or coping with any difficult situation that may arise in his/her study or career. Consequently, the student will be expected to develop the practice of having a solid argument before making any major decision.

Discovery of self talent and career.

The Coaching objective is to review and assess the field-of-study options that match the student's educational background and potential, then to give recommend alternatives should the chosen field of study not be in line with his/her goals and character.

Study project composition.

The objective of the session is simply to assist the student in using his/her best abilities to make a study or future career project according to the student's educational background. The match of the study field offered by the universities and the demand of the market should be strengthening to reach the goal.

Motivation orientation toward success.

The session includes presenting directions that will optimize the student's potential to pursue success, and build their leadership character.

Direction re-conversion control.

Without preparation, at the end of senior high school many pupils make their education decision simply based on what their parents or somebody else has suggested. In many cases, the decision is made for the students who later discover much too late that they have chosen the wrong path which is incompatible with their capacity and talent. This session will help put them back on track with their goal by exploring choices and providing advice/recommendations whether to switch or to stay with the direction. We will assist them in making the best decision.

Optimization of talent.

Many students don't use their capacity and talent optimally in the field of their study. The main problems are that they are unconcerned about their potential, and they don't use proper methods when they study. The session will provide them guidance in finding the right way that is adapted specifically to their personality, talent and capacity.