“The coaching and guidance styles will therefore be tailored according to each individual's uniqueness”
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The Coaching Process

Based on the common idea that each person has a unique personality which adapts to its environment, either in the family setting or community where she or he lives, the coaching process will be tailored to suit according to each individual's uniqueness.

The Education Coaching process consists of a series of face to face coaching sessions between a coach and a pupil/student with a specific target and for predetermined time and frequency.

In each session (lasting sixty to ninety minutes) the coach assigns to the student various activities and tests (personality motivational, identity and talent tests). These given tests and questions not only serve to identify and increase student's potential and motivation but help the student progress toward achieving this objective.

In mid-session we will hold a synchronization of coaching methods; in the last session we will provide an achievement report for the student and parent(s) (the legal guardian).

We place the utmost importance in the quality of our relationships with the student. Trust between the coach and student will be the foundation of smooth and successful coaching sessions.

The coaching session will be a special place for self-awareness and for building the individual identity.

Description of a coaching session

First session, whether done by phone or in person, is an informational session. During this session, we will describe our programs and services. This session is free of charge.

Second session is better done in person. If the client (i.e. the student) is still very young, we encourage parental accompaniment. In this session, we will evaluate the client's profile. We will also identify client's (or in some cases client's parents') requests and define the coaching objectives. This session is also free of charge. If an agreement is reached, we will sign an agreement that details the coaching sessions to be provided.