“…a combination of visualization technique, role playing, transactional analysis, NLP, and more”
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Our Methods

In Sport, coaching plays a significant role in an athlete’s success. A sports coach's job is to prepare an athlete toward achieving a winning goal by giving motivation, specific training, and by presenting strategy. The word 'coaching' essentially means "guidance and assistance to someone who is preparing for challenges ahead".

In fact, since 1980, coaching methods have been widely used in America (U.S.A), notably by young professionals — working at large corporations or multinational companies — who wish to optimize their potentials and to reach better job positions.

Our Education Coaching methods consist of recognized concepts and proven techniques from branches of social science including psychology and cross-cultural communication. We apply a combination of psychological techniques namely role playing, visualization technique, transactional analysis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and other methods (based on Palo Alto school's method). But we modify and tune these techniques to fit the student’s unique traits and personality.

Students who lack in self confidence, who are not satisfied with their school marks, or who are going through a crisis at school/university, will find Education Coaching most appropriate and useful. We will guide them towards achieving their and their parents' goals.

Coaching is an effective method for prompting pupils/students to explore and maximize their potential, talents and inner strength, which are valuable resources for securing a more positive future.

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