What Our Clients Say About Us

“…building self-confidence, helping set up personal and professional balance sheet, finding the right job in accordance with educational background, etc.”

The following is some comments and recommendations written by our previous clients including students and former students who have benefitted from Education Coaching as well as parents.

  • “Becoming a lawyer had been my long-time dream. During law school, Edu-Coaching guided me through any difficulties that I was facing, and the result of the coaching sessions was my obtaining a PhD in Law with Summa Cum Laude from UniversitĂ© Montpellier 1, at the age of twenty-nine. I have since become a lawyer, and I currently work at Lubis, Santosa & Maulana Law Offices, one of the prominent law offices in Indonesia.”

    Dr. Julius Singara, Advocate, Santosa & Maulana Law Offices

  • “The professional coaching has helped me to better understand myself. Then, [it] positively encouraged me to improve myself in reaching my goal to be a better person. Now, I'm confident that I have [the] necessary foundation to overcome challenges in my personal and business life. It's changing the impossible to possible.”

    Claudina Milasari, Young Business Development Manager

  • “In a nutshell, the benefits that i got from coaching are: having someone whom i can trust in confiding and sharing all my feelings without fear of being judged, knowing more about my self and being at peace with myself, and being able to achieve self-actualization and to see life from a different point of view.”
    “My advice to others is to take Coaching with a strong will to change yourselves and to be ready to work hard, because no matter how great the doctor is, it is you who will have to take the steps to get well and stay healthy.”

    Benny Tan, Independent Enterpreneur, Surabaya

  • “Finding the right as well as suitable education and learning method for us is the biggest step toward our future. Not only do we need to have an interest [in pursuing education] and the funds, but also smart planning and managing skills so that the education process can go according to plan and bring in the best result.”
    “Indeed Edu-Coach [ECI] has a distinctive approach in that they believe every individual has each uniqueness and specialty. They know how to dig deep and bring to surface the potential in me. With Edu-Coach I feel as if I had my own cunsultant! Terima kasih (Thank You) Edu-Coach!”

    Riska Indriaswari, Réalisateur, Master of Communication, Université de Strasbourg, 2008.

  • “Coaching provides lots of support for everyday life. For example when I lose my control, I try to remember the things that we've talked about. And it really helps me. It's good and useful for me to talk to someone whom I get along well with, and whom i don't question myself too much about the relationship with as i would with others. For someone like me, talking to a caring and understanding person is very important”
    “Coaching for school? The method and adapted tips that you gave me help me to resolve problems. Finally this method was not so difficult to apply and suits me quite well. ”

    Valentin C., 17 yrs old, student at LIF de Jakarta

  • “Lesson in Maturity and Responsibilty. It was my first time going abroad, she [Miss Fida] told me how to integrate with the culture, because it wasn't so easy. If I hadn't done Coaching, for sure I wouldn't be like this today. I learned so much that I didn’t get at school.”

    Yuda P.J. Wardhana, 1st year student of Fachbereich Informatik und Elektroteknik, Germany

  • “Your Coaching sessions are very valuable to my son, Yuda. He has become a more independent youth and is less indulgent. I am most impressed that after Coaching sessions, he has been more motivated toward school, and at the time when he was to leave for abroad to continue higher education, he wasn't doubting himself anymore. On a lighter note, he used to always need a car to go places, but since Coaching he enjoys riding a bike to wherever he can.”

    Ibu Puspasari Dewi, SH, mother of Yuda P.J. Wardhana (Global Jaya School alumnus)